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More details about website hosting features in the future as I get to it!
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Here are your hosting plan options: All prices are monthly.
Website design, construction and maintenance are not included in hosting cost's, and are negotiated separately.

HOSTING PLANS Price Storage Transfer Email MySQL
  Megabytes (mb) Accounts Database
Novice 60mb $6.00 60 500 5 5
Basic 100mb $10.00 100 1000 10 10
Extra 200mb $16.00 200 2000 20 Unlimited
Pro 600mb $24.00 600 6000 50 Unlimited
Gold 1000mb $30.00 1000 10000 Unlimited Unlimited

$8.88 Domain name registration at You will need to register a domain name, is what I use and recommend. There are other registrar's out there also, if you want to dig for them. I will register your name for you if you desire, for a $5 surcharge, but hey, I know you can do it, then you own the name, and namecheap does have excellant tutorials.

The name servers to use with
your domain name registrar are:

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